Allsales provides a bulk posting interface for easy submission of multiple new posts in a single request to our server. Launching in late September 2019, this document describes the interface and how it is used.

Updates to the submission format will be posted here when available, please continue to check for updates.

New postings are submitted to the bulk interface in RSS format with additional allsales-specific elements via HTTPS POST. Allsales returns another RSS document detailing which postings are valid or which have been posted.
A description of the protocol, RSS submission and response formats, and a reference of acceptable values is below.
Access to the bulk posting interface is granted to high volume posters (hundreds of postings per month or more) on a case-by-case basis, and is open to specific categories, both paid and unpaid.  
*Commercial properties for sale
*Businesses for sales Sydney 
For more information regarding access to the bulk posting interface, please email or call us at 61 1800 858 696.
To submit a request to post or validate postings:establish an HTTPS connection to allsales at one of these URLs: - Submit RSS to this URL to be validated. - Submit RSS to this URL to be posted.
send an HTTP POST request with a Content-Type of "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" and containing RSS content in the correct format
wait for a response.See the code sample in this document for an example bulk post client.
Possible HTTP status values:
415 Unsupported Media Type"Failed to parse RSS" - This error occurs when the posting submission RSS document is not well-formed, or if the parser encounters an error processing the format of the RSS. A detailed parse failure message should accompany this error.
403 Forbidden"Must supply username" - A username was not supplied in the  element.
"Must supply password" - A password was not supplied in the  element.
"AccountID required" - An accountID was not supplied in the  element.
"Location required" - Postal or Latitude and Longitude must be supplied in the  element.
"Invalid username/password" - Username and/or password supplied in RSS submission are not known or invalid.
"This user account is not granted bulk post access" - The user account supplied is not authorized to use the bulk posting interface. Please contact craigslist with authorization requests.
"User is not a buyer for account" - The user account supplied is not indicated as an authorized buyer for the accountID supplied.
200 OK Content of response will be RSS document in posting response format
Posting Submission Format:
RSS bulk posting submissions